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Модули и конструкции из труб

Spools & plant construction

The production of stainless steel pipes has always been our core competence. In addition, we offer our customers extensive prefabrication of stainless steel pipelines according to models, isometric drawings and piping plans.

By extensive prefabrication and further processing of our pipe at our works we are able to optimise the quality of the pipelines and offer products ready for installation at reasonable prices.

Advantages to the customers will pay off:

  • Savings in terms of space and staff on site
  • Reduced installation time
  • Improved product quality
  • Reduced extent of testing
  • Reproducibility

Our expertise in forming, welding, machining and materials technology, as well as quality assurance guarantee our customers the supply of first class products. BUTTING is a reliable supplier of pipelines for numerous industrial applications all over the world.