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Аварийная душевая установка AQUA SAFETY SHOWERS с баком - 2500 литров


Manufactured from Glass Reinforced Plastic and Stainless Steel which are corrosion resistant materials, giving a long life, and suitability for inside or outside use. Designed to be highly visible for ease of identification. Suitable for hazardous and non-hazardous areas. Suitable for temperatures -45 deg C to +50 deg C. (A chiller will be required for temperatures over 40 deg C – see hot climate section).

Additional insulation is required for temperatures below -25 deg C – see cold climate section)

Water level indicator, testing lever + applicable safety signs included as standard

Unit will give 30 minutes of water before refill is required.

Optional Extras

Alarm & Siren


Audible/visual alarm activated when the shower and/or eyebath is being operated. A micro switch is required with this option. Available Non Hazardous, ATEX, CSA & CU-TR/EAC.





Fitted internally or externally to illuminate the operating area and draws attention to the safety shower. Available Non Hazardous, ATEX, CSA & CU-TR/EAC.



Flexible Eyewash


Hand held eye, face and body spray on a flexible hose activated via a pull rod.



Shower Activation Platform


GRP foot panel shower control provides a hands free method of activating the tank shower.



Drain Sump


Waste water collection sump with a 2″ BSPF or NPTF outlet. GRP grated floor. Available in green, yellow or Grey.



Visual Water Temperature Gauge


6″ Temperature Gauge with dual scale 0-60 degrees C / 30-140 degrees F.



Side & Rear Panelling


Panelling fitted to tank shower frame to help protect the user against the elements during operation and over spray. Available in green, yellow & white. Insulated panels also available.



Strip Curtains


Flexible PVC Strip Screens fitted to the entrance of the Tank Shower to help prevent over-spray during operation.


Remote Alarm


Micro switch fitted on operating valve (shower/eyebath) to activate remote alarms (or local if fitted).





Provides protection against infestations of pathogenic bacteria such as legionella.



Water Chiller


3kw Water Chiller (Set to 20 degrees C). Water level switch built within chiller to ensure system turns off if the tank becomes empty.


Sun Canopy


Overhead GRP sun canopy to help reduce solar gain. Canopy features a built in inspection hatch for maintenance purposes.



Manual Drain Valve


Manually operated drain valve to empty tank.



Spring Loaded Doors


Spring-loaded self-closing doors. Available in green, yellow & white.




Manufactured in yellow GRP with stainless valve, pipework and linkages. This heavy duty mains fed eyebath comes with integral lid and is ideal for any environment.

Файлы для загрузки:

Спецификация аварийной душевой кабины с резервуаром на 2500 литров модель TS2500.pdf