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Винтовые насосы для станций водоочистки и водоподготовки

RONCUZZI® PAE-type Hydrodynamic Screws are designed for the production of electric energy. The machine works thanks to the difference of energy potential between two different points in a water flow.
The water, thanks to the difference between two levels of natural flow, is used by a rotor (that generates energy) and then flows again into its channel. The limit of this equipment is reached with geodetic heights of more than 10 metres and flow rates higher than 5,500 l/s.
PAE-type Hydrodynamic Screws can be used in many applications:
  • Replacement of small turbines which require reconditioning;
  • Replacement of damaged water-wheels;
  • Clean water discharge in waste water treatment plants;
  • Surplus water utilization in existing channels or weirs;
  • Utilization of water power in long-term unused channels;
  • Utlization of cooling water from electric power plants;
  • Utilization of processing waste water (from paper mills, mills etc.).
Эксплуатационные качества и технические характеристики ї преимущества
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  • No control system required. The screw automatically adapts to mains frequency and to the water flow rate. PLC and frequency converter are not required.
  • Higher efficency than water wheels or small turbines
  • Constant and stable efficiency
  • Solid sturdy design
  • No cleaning, little maintenance, shortest possible machine downtime
  • No fine screen needed
  • Little underground digging required compared to turbines
  • Fish-friendly