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COMESSA для горно обогатительной индустрии и производства минералов

Since the 1950s, COMESSA has specialized in the design, manufacturing, erection and commissioning of a wide range of equipment for use by the minerals industry.

COMESSA has experience in all existing processes; its expertise in minerals includes:

  • Drying
  • Cooling
  • Calcining
  • Thermal treatments

Depending on the problem to be solved, COMESSA is in a position to offer a number of different solutions:

  • Rotary tube dryers, directly or indirectly heated
  • Combined rotary tube dryers/coolers
  • Indirect rotary tubes for thermal treatment
  • Vibrating fluid beds
  • Static fluid beds
  • Rotary tube dryers combined with a static fluid bed cooler with heat exchangers

Choosing the most appropriate equipment depends on the nature and type of product to be treated and the process to be applied.

In addition to primary equipment (dryers, coolers, calciners), COMESSA is in a position to offer complete plants including:

  • Air preparation assemblies (filtration, ventilation, heating systems).
  • Dedusting assemblies (cyclones, scrubbers, bag filters).
  • Ancillaries equipment (electrical panels, automation, conveyors, etc).
  • Field supervision services (supervision of erection, start up, perfomance tests, etc).


Sand, Ores (various types), Gravels, Clay, Limestone, Coke, Coal, Fluorspar, Borax, Kaolin, Alumina, Metal slives and shots, Zinc oxides, Waelz oxides, Ashes, Metal chips, Mineral salts (various types), Phosphates (MCP, STPP, etc), Bauxite, Molecular sieves, Zeolite, Crushed glass, Silicium, Talc, Dolomite, Deads, Slags, Abrasives,...

Casting industry activity:

COMESSA is also active in the casting industry, and more particularly in:

  • Cooling of castings
  • Cooling of sand
  • Shaking out

Our references :

Eramet Group (Le Nickel-SLN, Comilog, Valdi, etc), Areva, Comurhex, Katco, Kazzinc, Eti Maden, OCP, Axens, Arkema, Pechiney, DuPont, Rio Tinto, Alcan, Lafarge, Union Carbide, Solvay Carbonate, Corning, Sovitec, Idom, ABS Minéraux, Aditya Birla, Pan Abrasives, Russian Chrome, Renault, Peugeot, Citroën, Chrysler, Recytech, Ceca, Saint-Gobain, Damrec, Imerys, Novacarb, Accord Science, Catalyst Recovery Europe, Eurecat,...